Introducing ChestEye — the first AI chest X-Ray radiology suite for healthy patient reports
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Oxipit ChestEye is the first AI chest X-ray radiology suite to be CE marked

The suite supports 75 most common radiological findings covering 90% of diagnosis
encountered at a medical institution on a daily basis. The platform produces preliminary
reports for healthy patients adhering to the medical institution reporting practice.

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Identify healthy patients

ChestEye CAD identifies X-rays with no abnormality with close to 100% sensitivity. ChestEye produces preliminary reports in cases where the platform is highly confident of the results (20-40% of healthy patient cases)

Increase productivity

In tertiary hospital controlled trials ChestEye automated diagnosis and reporting enabled to reduce time-per-patient by more than 30%.

Fit for your workflow

ChestEye can integrate with PACS/RIS/HIS/EHR infrastructure and requires no additional management panels or user interfaces. Alternatively it can function as a cloud solution.

Customized reporting

ChestEye can support different reporting practices and provides reports in your native language (currently 12 European languages are supported).


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