Meet Oxipit at RSNA 2023

For this year’s annual meeting Oxipit is bringing two transformative AI products for medical imaging.

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A year has passed since the CE certification of the first autonomous AI application ChestLink.

ChestLink produces final healthy patient reports without any involvement from a human radiologist. In clinical validation trials, ChestLink has consistently operated at 99%+ sensitivity, without any risks for the patients.

ChestLink can automate up to 40% of total chest X-ray workflow, depending on the type of the medical institution. The application can produce tremendous time savings, automatically reporting on no-findings CXR, enabling radiologist to focus on studies with pathologies.

At RSNA we will discuss current and upcoming ChestLink deployments, as well as clinical validation studies.


Oxipit ChestLink clinical validation:

ChestLink in the Radiology Journal: ChestLink Study: AI Accurately Identifies Normal and Abnormal Chest X-Rays
ChestLink Evaluation in Finland: Using AI to Detect Chest X-Rays with No Significant Findings in a Primary Health Care Setting


Oxipit Quality is an AI-powered second reader application. It operates as an always-on radiologist assistant. The AI application annalizes radiological images and corresponding radiologist reports.

If the application detects a clinically impactful finding, which is absent from the radiologist report, it sends an automated notification to the radiologist to take another look.

From clinical studies across the board, the rate of significant missed findings varies from 0.2 to 1% depending on the medical institution.

Oxipit Quality offers a seamless workflow to prevent diagnostic mistakes before they impact treatment decisions.


Oxipit Quality in the news:

Leiden University Medical Center Deploys New Oxipit AI Application For CT PE Detection
Oxipit Quality Study: Using AI to Identify Missed Findings in CXR


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