2024 June 25th
Oxipit further expands commercial availability of its solutions via partnership with deepc
2024 June 5th
Oxipit, a leading AI radiology solutions provider, has appointed senior health tech executive, Peter Corscadden, as Chief Executive Officer to strengthen its global footprint.
2024 January 15th
A research paper comparing the performance of commercially available AI algorithms was published in the Radiology journal. While multiple commercial artificial intelligence (AI) products for assessing radiographs exist in the market, comparable performance data for these algorithms is limited.
2023 November 22nd
Blackford, the pioneering strategic radiology AI platform and solutions provider, today announced a partnership with AI medical imaging company Oxipit. The agreement will bring innovative Oxipit’s chest x-ray products to Blackford’s enterprise AI platform.
2023 October 19th
Leiden University Medical Center (The Netherlands) expands cooperation with AI medical imaging company Oxipit by deploying the latest Oxipit product - AI quality assurance tool for CT Pulmonary Embolism (PE). The LUMC deployment was facilitated through the radiology imaging solution by Sectra and its integration capabilities.
2023 October 9th
Last April Oxipit took the medical imaging world by storm. The medical imaging company received a CE Class IIb certificate for the first autonomous AI imaging application ChestLink. Learn about the team who made this innovation possible.
2023 September 29th
A study led by Louis Lind Plesner, MD comparing the performance of four commercial AI CXR tools was published in the Radiology Journal, with Oxipit ChestEye among the ones tested. The study evaluated AI algorithm performance for detecting airspace disease, pneumothorax, and pleural effusion.
2023 April 13th
A study by researchers at Mahajan Imaging and was conducted to evaluate the performance of diagnostic AI tools for quality assurance. The study found that nearly 1% of chest radiographs included clinically significant diagnostic mistakes, which were identified by Oxipit Quality AI software. The study was presented at the ECR2023 annual meeting earlier in March.
2023 March 20th
An AI tool can accurately identify normal and abnormal chest X-rays in a clinical setting, according to a study published in Radiology. The tool may greatly alleviate the heavy workload experienced by radiologists globally.  
2023 March 2nd
At the European Congress of Radiology in Vienna Oxipit announced that its diagnostic AI solutions will be available on the CARPL platform. CARPL platform users will have access to the full Oxipit AI product portfolio: ChestLink for healthy patient report automation, Quality - for real-time quality assurance and ChestEye - for preliminary reports. The move further builds on Oxipit strategy to increase global reach of company’s products.

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