In an interview with Oxipit Dr Erik Ranschaert singled out how AI and a radiologist operate as a team to arrive at a more precise diagnosis. In such clinical workflow, AI medical imaging solutions provide a ‘second set of eyes’ and mitigates the risk of overlooked findings.

There is little change to the regular workflow of a medical imaging department:

  1. The radiologist produces an X-ray report without any AI involvement.
  2. Chest X-ray and the corresponding radiologist report are analyzed by Oxipit ChestEye. ChestEye AI checks the report for any unreported findings.
  3. If any pathologies not mentioned in the radiologist report are identified, ChestEye platform highlights this patient case and prompts the radiologist to take a second look.
  4. The radiologist can reopen the case for additional review and augment his report.

In this scenario the platform operates in near-real time, allowing to change treatment decisions before, for instance, the patient is discharged from the hospital. This approach has already contributed to better patient outcomes where Oxipit platform is deployed.