CE certified ChestEye AI imaging suite by Oxipit is now available in 7 European languages. In addition to English, ChestEye interface now supports German, French, Spanish, Hungarian, Dutch, Czech and Lithuanian languages. Addition of multi-lingual support further builds on Oxipit strategy to increase day-to-day productivity of radiology specialists.

“The ability to operate software in native language of the medical specialist further reduces the barriers for introducing AI imaging solutions into workflow of radiology department. European Congress of Radiology in Vienna was a great reality check regarding real-life use cases and deployment requirements of medical organizations. We proved our assumptions that medical institutions are looking for 30% or more time savings per patient with regard to AI aided diagnostics. With support for 75 radiological findings, easy integration with PACS and RIS systems, support for DICOM image exchange protocol and coming introduction of HL7 and FHIR protocol support, we see ChestEye as the most convenient and deployment-ready AI imaging solution” – notes CEO of Oxipit Gediminas Peksys.

The company is looking to add support for more European languages based on customer requirements. The addition of extra language support usually takes from 2 to 4 weeks.

In February ChestEye suite was awarded CE certification and is available for commercial deployment in 32 European markets. It is the first AI-based full workflow medical imaging suite to be certified by a CE mark. ChestEye imaging suite encompasses a fully automatic computer aided diagnosis (CAD) platform, a search module for discovering similar-looking chest X-rays in a given database and a patient prioritization solution.

About Oxipit

oxipit ai imaging suite

Oxipit is a computer vision software startup specialized in medical imaging. With a team of award-winning data scientists and medical doctors, the company aims to introduce innovative Artificial Intelligence/Deep Learning breakthroughs to everyday clinical practice. Oxipit are the authors of CE certified multi-award winning ChestEye radiology imaging suite.