The AI medical imaging company has received an Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods Class IIa medical device certificate for ChestEye AI imaging service. Medical device certification paves the way for clinical use of ChestEye in the Australian market. ChestEye imaging suite is already certified by the CE mark. Oxipit received CE certification last February, enabling clinical ChestEye deployment in 32 European countries.

“Australia presents a very advanced, well developed healthcare landscape. As in other advanced economies, there is a significant shortage of radiology specialists, inviting innovations to improve radiology workflow and reporting productivity. Building upon our experience in European markets, we are excited to introduce vanguard ChestEye capabilities for better patient care” – notes Oxipit CEO Gediminas Peksys.

In Australian market ChestEye will be used to produce preliminary reports for chest X-Rays featuring no abnormality. The platform will mark no-finding chest X-ray images in the radiologist workflow, including only the images that the software can deem healthy with high confidence. The platform will then present a preliminary report, which can be augmented or approved after an assessment by the radiologist.

“In a clinical setting, especially in primary care facilities, approximately half of the chest X-rays feature no abnormality. Yet they still require reporting by a medical specialist. By identifying healthy patient X-rays with high confidence, ChestEye minimizes required radiologist intervention for report approval featuring no abnormalities” – notes CEO of Oxipit Gediminas Peksys.

ChestEye imaging suite can identify 75 radiological findings covering over 90% of radiological cases presented to a radiologist on a daily basis.

Earlier this year Oxipit ChestEye was selected as the winner in the prestigious World Summit Awards in healthcare and well-being category.

About Oxipit

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Oxipit is a computer vision software startup specialized in medical imaging. With a team of award-winning data scientists and medical doctors, the company aims to introduce innovative Artificial Intelligence/Deep Learning breakthroughs to everyday clinical practice. Oxipit is the authors of CE certified multi-award winning ChestEye radiology imaging suite.