At the European Congress of Radiology in Vienna Oxipit announced that its diagnostic AI solutions will be available on the CARPL platform. CARPL platform users will have access to the full Oxipit AI product portfolio: ChestLink for healthy patient report automation, Quality – for real-time quality assurance and ChestEye – for preliminary reports. The move further builds on Oxipit strategy to increase global reach of company’s products.

“CARPL is our long-term partner for research and client deployments. It is a future savvy organization, quick to pick up the latest diagnostic innovations. ChestLink, Oxipit Quality and ChestEye, are unique, transformative and clinically impactful products, offering tangible clinical value to healthcare institutions and patients. With the CARPL platform, we may present our products within easy reach of a global medical audience,” says CEO of Oxipit Gediminas Peksys.

CARPL connects AI developers and healthcare providers improving access, affordability and quality of medical care globally. It is an end-to-end technology platform for the testing, distribution and deployment of medical imaging AI in clinical practice. CARPL bridges the gap between healthcare AI application providers and clinicians by being a one-stop solution to access, assess, and adopt AI solutions. 

“CARPL and Oxipit are long-time friends. Oxipit is the boldest AI company on the planet today. They have many firsts to their credit. Their CE approval for autonomous reporting of normal chest X-rays is a landmark achievement that had forever changed the perception and potential of AI applications in Radiology,” says Dr. Vasanth Venugopal, Chief Medical Officer and Clinical Product Lead at, “With the formalization of our partnership, strengthened by CARPL’s capabilities to deploy AI solutions at scale across institutions and Oxipit’s robust set of quality audit and autonomous solutions, we envision a future full of infinite possibilities to revolutionize radiology practice.”

Full Oxipit product portfolio will be offered on the CARPL platform, helping medical institutions to increase reporting efficiency, addressing radiologist shortages and improving diagnostic quality.

ChestLink is the first autonomous AI application to receive a CE Class IIb certification. The application autonomously reports on chest X-rays featuring no abnormalities without any involvement from a radiologist. By autonomously reporting on healthy patient chest X-rays, ChestLink can automate 15-40% of daily reporting workflow depending on the type of medical institution.

Oxipit Quality acts as an AI-powered second-reader for diagnostic quality assurance. By analyzing medical images and corresponding radiologist reports, the application can detect diagnostic mistakes in real-time. If the platform detects an unreported finding, it instantly notifies the radiologist to take another look at the study. Oxipit Quality works with chest and MSK X-rays, MMG images and CT scans.

ChestEye is an AI-powered CAR application with support for 75 radiological findings. The application includes preliminary reporting and triage features. ChestEye serves as the first step for diagnostic AI adoption, with clients then being able to move automation or quality assurance depending on their usage scenario.

This week Oxipit and CARPL are showcasing their products at the European Congress of Radiology in Vienna.  

About Oxipit

Oxipit develops AI applications for diagnostic medical imaging. With a team of award-winning data scientists and medical doctors, the company aims to introduce innovative artificial intelligence breakthroughs to everyday clinical practice.


CARPL is an end-to-end technology platform for developing, testing, distributing and deploying medical imaging AI applications in clinical workflows. Used by some of the world’s top AI researchers and health systems, it connects AI applications and healthcare providers helping improve access, affordability, and quality of medical care.