2022 April 26th
The companies conducted a joint pilot study, where Oxipit’s ChestEye Quality AI software is employed for improved pulmonary nodule detection. The software was deployed in two major primary care centers in Lithuania. With nearly 50.000 chest X-ray images analyzed over the course of 2021, ChestEye Quality helped to detect 82 additional clinically relevant nodule findings, potentially identifying additional early instances of lung cancer.
2022 April 5th
ChestLink is the first AI medical application to produce imaging study reports without any involvement from a human radiologist. This FAQ article explains 'everything ChestLink' in simple terms.
2022 March 29th
AI medical imaging application developer Oxipit was granted CE Class IIb certification for ChestLink autonomous AI imaging suite. The application autonomously reports on chest X-rays featuring no abnormalities without any involvement from a radiologist. It is the first regulatory approved AI medical imaging application to perform diagnostics autonomously.
2021 November 24th
At the annual RSNA meeting, the AI medical imaging company will present the new ChestEye Quality AI double reading tool. To showcase vanguard ChestEye Quality capabilities, Oxipit will offer a free-of-charge quality audit for 6 months of retrospective CXR data.
2021 November 10th
Dr Naglis Ramanauskas is a researcher at Oxipit. Trained as a radiologist, he aims to use his first-hand clinical experience to maximize the added value of Oxipit medical imaging products. In this talk with Dr Ramanauskas we discuss how AI productization and workflow alignment are no less important than statistical model performance.
2021 October 11th
Prof Osmo Tervonen is a professor and a senior radiologist at Oulu University Hospital in Finland. He is also a partner in Parasmed - a Nairobi based medical device distributor, which provides access to emerging medical technologies to the countries in the East African region. In his interview with Oxipit, prof Tervonen shares his views on AI in healthcare and AI’s role in the field of value based medicine.
2021 October 5th
AI medical imaging company Oxipit appointed Dany Chammas as their new Chief Commercial Officer. With more than 15 years of experience in top tier medical imaging companies, Dany will join the Executive Team to increase Oxipit’s visibility and accelerate business growth.
2021 August 18th
In the last post we highlighted how AI medical imaging solutions can serve as ‘a second set of eyes’ reducing the risk of overlooked findings. Operating in near-real time, they can affect patient treatment decisions, mitigating the risk of missed potentially life-threatening pathologies.
2021 August 9th
In an interview with Oxipit Dr Erik Ranschaert singled out how AI and a radiologist operate as a team to arrive at a more precise diagnosis. In such clinical workflow, AI medical imaging solutions provide a ‘second set of eyes’ and mitigates the risk of overlooked findings.
2021 August 2nd
Dr Erik Ranschaert is one of the key AI medical imaging experts in Europe. He is Digital Doctor at ETZ Hospital in Tilburg, responsible for developing a hospital-wide AI infrastructure. In this interview with Oxipit, Erik shares his views on AI tool adoption, future of radiology and why we should learn and unlearn.

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