2021 July 26th
As we are building our AI tools in Europe, multi-lingual availability is their integral feature. Our first product Oxipit ChestEye produces radiological reports (report out) in 14 languages. In addition, our platform can ingest radiological reports (report in) in any world language.
2021 July 20th
ChestLink analytical dashboard is an integral part of autonomous AI operations. The dashboard helps to ensure transparency, accountability and traceability of every taken action.
2021 July 16th
Autonomous AI medical imaging platform deployment follows a three-stage framework. Ensuring process clarity, transparency, accountability and decision traceability is no less important than the performance of the AI autonomous product itself.
2021 July 12th
ChestLink, the first autonomous medical imaging application, produces automated reports for healthy patients. Learn why we have selected healthy patient report automation as a viable first step for autonomous operations.
2021 July 9th
It is safe to say that in developed countries the radiology departments are understaffed by 1/3. Moreover, the report by World Health Organization states that 2/3 of the world population does not have access to diagnostic medical imaging.
2021 July 7th
Recently World Health Organization published a guidance document regarding AI governance and ethics in healthcare. The document outlines key principles for AI deployments in daily medical practice and is a welcome addition to the discussions on the vanguard field of medical AI development.
2021 March 2nd
The AI medical imaging company will showcase the first autonomous AI diagnostics application for healthy patient report automation. The new product by Oxipit automatically identifies chest X-ray images with no abnormality and produces finalized patient reports without any intervention from the radiologist. The application is pending CE mark certification and will be made available for commercial deployments in the Q3 2021.
2021 January 12th
Medical imaging company Oxipit announced partnership with Parasmed - a Nairobi based medical healthcare solutions distributor in Eastern Africa. With recent partnerships in Nigeria and strong foothold in Latin America, the new agreement is an important step towards creating a global, locally present network of Oxipit software distributors.
2020 August 24th
Teleradiologia de Colombia - a leading diagnostic imaging services provider in Latin America - is rolling out Oxipit AI solutions across its network. Oxipit AI suite will produce preliminary chest X-Ray reports and identify healthy patient images with no abnormalities, augmenting radiologist productivity and improving radiologist workflow. It marks the first Oxipit deployment in Colombia with more announcements in Latin America coming soon.
2020 August 17th
Oxipit has been awarded an “Eksperimentas” EU grant for researching and implementing innovative technologies for developing an Artificial Intelligence based patient screening tool to accurately identify healthy patients in chest X-ray images.

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