2020 January 27th
The AI medical imaging company will showcase ChestEye Negative service at Arab Health 2020 conference in Dubai. ChestEye Negative produces preliminary reports for chest X-rays with no abnormality. The service aims to reduce the workload of radiologists, especially in clinical environments, where only a fraction of all studies features an abnormality. It also significantly simplifies large-scale medical screening projects.
2020 January 26th
EIT Health InnoStars presents a new episode of a series of talks with inspiring people in our community who develop innovative ideas. We ask about their journeys, while developing ideas, their professional career paths and motivations.
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2020 January 6th
Medical imaging technology company Oxipit announced partnership with Swiss medical distribution company Healthcare Konnect to bring ChestEye AI imaging suite to healthcare institutions in Nigeria. The partnership aims to introduce vanguard AI diagnostic capabilities and improve detection of 75 pathologies, including tuberculosis, to one of the largest markets in Africa.
2019 November 28th
The AI medical imaging company will offer a first public preview of Dynamics feature for its award winning ChestEye CAD suite. Dynamics enables a radiologist to compare X-rays and provide automatically generated reports specifically addressing the changes in images over the course of patient treatment. Initially Dynamics feature will support longitudinal comparison for Pneumothorax, Consolidation, Mass, Nodule, Pleural Effusion, Pulmonary Edema and Lung Congestion radiological findings where progress reports are of greatest importance.
2019 November 14th
A study by the Centre for Advanced Research in Imaging, Neuroscience and Genomics (CARING) found that AI powered CAD software can reduce hedging and defensive reporting statements in radiologist reports, resulting in clearer more actionable diagnosis descriptions. The study was undertaken using Oxipit ChestEye AI imaging suite. Moreover, the study found that nearly 80% of the reports generated by Oxipit ChestEye were as accurate as the radiologists' reports and were more accurate in 5% of analyzed patient cases.
2019 June 15th
The investment round co-led by Practica Capital, Koinvesticinis fund and angel investors is the largest investment for medical AI solutions in the Baltic states. It is also one of the largest seed rounds among Baltic startups.
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2019 April 14th
Leading AI-based medical imaging solutions provider Oxipit received CE certification for ChestEye radiology imaging suite. Oxipit ChestEye provides analysis and preliminary reports for 75 most common radiological findings - the largest scope of diagnosis currently available on the market - with an average area under curve metric of 93%. CE mark ensures that the software complies with medical device regulations and paves the way for commercial deployments in 32 European countries.
Oxipit, a medical imaging company, has been awarded an “Intelektas. Bendri mokslo-verslo projektai” EU grant for researching and implementing innovative technologies for improved detection of lung nodules as well as diagnosis of pneumothorax and tuberculosis.
CE certified ChestEye AI imaging suite by Oxipit is now available in 7 European languages. In addition to English, ChestEye interface now supports German, French, Spanish, Hungarian, Dutch, Czech and Lithuanian languages. Addition of multi-lingual support further builds on Oxipit strategy to increase day-to-day productivity of radiology specialists.
AI-based medical imaging startup Oxipit will showcase the ChestEye imaging suite at European Congress of Radiology in Vienna. The suite was recently awarded a CE mark which paves the way for clinical software deployment in 32 European markets.

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